Deep Impact

Since the first Horological Machine was launched in 2007, Max Busser and Friends (MB&F) still continues to surprise the horological world with weird and wonderful creations that defy watch norms and reinvent ways of keeping time.

Although the latest creation shown here is called the HM7, it is technically the ninth Horological Machine (don’t ever call it a watch) from the affable Swiss company boss. Previously, Busser skipped a number to go straight to the Can-Am inspired HM8, while he marked his company’s tenth jubilee with the HMX, the most accessible Horological Machine yet.

At 53.8mm across, the HM7 is imposing to strap on your wrist. Its dive bezel seems to orbit around the case like the rings of Saturn while the domed sapphire bubble houses a self-winding tourbillon with a 72-hour power reserve.

When viewed in profile, the HM7 resembles a mechanical jellyfish with its articulated lugs guiding the rubber straps to look like tentacles. Turning it over reveals the rotor that brings to mind the underside of a sea urchin.


As it is only rated to a depth of 50-metres, the MB&F HM7 can hardly be considered a proper diver’s watch. However this doesn’t matter, because its whimsical, otherworldly design would have already made you feel like you’ve been to the deep without needing to get wet!