Frozen In Time

MB&F presents “Disintegrating II” an exhibition of five large format prints by reknowned
Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner.


Athough MB&F may be better known for its ‘kinetic sculptures‘ that also pass for very nice watches, there seem to be no limits to the creative collaborations between founder Max Busser and well, his Friends.

This time, MB&F’s M.A.D Gallery in Geneva has reunited with Fabian Oefner to create the prints you see here. Don’t worry,
no classic race cars were harmed in the filming of these pictures.

Instead, the Swiss photographer painstakingly photographs each piece of a scale model individually and then digitally manipulates each part into the combined image to look like a split second of an explosive disintegration is captured forever when in actuality, each car you’re looking at took two months and over 2000 photographs to complete.

The images may look chaotic and destructive, but they also present the inner workings of these incredible machines.

MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual

Winner of the most prestigious prize in watchmaking, the Grand Prix D’Horlogerie de Geneve in 2016, the MBF Legacy Machine Perpetual impressed the respected international jury with its groundbreaking calibre developed by Northern Irish watchmaker Stephen McDonnell, who ignored centuries of watchmaking conventions to totally re-think the fundamental principals of
perpetual calendars.

Instead of basing the default calendar month on 31 days as is it done wih other perpetual calendars, the LM Perpetual uses a
28-day cycle as a default and is controlled by a patented “mechanical processor” which adds days only as required. The result
is a robust, fool-proof mechanism that is also easy to use, allowing quick and easy adjustments.

The MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual is available in three limited editions of 25 pieces each in platinum 950 (blue face),
18k red gold (grey face) and 18k white gold (purple face) and a non-limited edition in 18k white gold with grey face.